Reception and storage

Whereas carbon/coke could be stored outside, RDF/Biomass should be stored inside because of humidity ratios.

Secon AFI manufactures aluminium silos with moving floors in order to receive the incoming RDF / Biomass from trailers in a very efficient way.

Using moving floors with spindles at the feeding side towards the conveyors enables us to achieve a correct dosing.

Also combinations of moving floor silos with screws are used for achieving accurate dosing.

All silos are built in a modular way, a concept that allows maximum flexibility in needed capacities and makes transport of these silos possible to every place in the world!

Important elements of our silo / bunker configuration

  • Modular aluminum reception bunkers / silos for incoming RDF/Biomass
  • Multifunctional spindles
  • Dosing screw equipment


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