Compact Reception and Storage Silo

Silo for the automatic reception and storage of bulk solid alternative fuels between 0-150mm.

Reception system automated with moving floor silo in order to receive material from a moving floor- or tipper vehicle. The material is dosed to the system by a spindle located in the reception silo and conveyed to the upper part of the storage silo. The whole system is equipped with anti-explosion panels.

The material is distributed all along the silo by means of a linear drag chain completely sealed to ensure max. performance in the filling of the silo and in the control of the height of the stockpile. This drag chain is supported by the self-supporting modular structure of the silo.

The various inputs of material are controlled by sliding valves of large dimensions and sealed by bag filters equipped with an anti-bridging pneumatic system and anti-explosion panels calibrated according to the type of R.D.F.

The upper part is very accessible for operation and maintenance works guaranteeing safety and performance. All the elements of the system are modular and can be transported in 40’ containers.

The material is stockpiled inside the self-supporting silo and supported by an elevated reinforced bottom structure made of modular panels. The material is extracted and dosed to a linear conveyor which collects the material from a linear screw base. This screw base breaks the stockpile in its base and moves all along the silo to empty it completely with a flow rate controlled volumetrically.

The automated screw base is driven by means of compact rollers of high performance and positioned by means of 4 tracks with interchangeable housings at 45º. Both skates are synchronized by means of 2 toothed bars and drive gears. The rollers are interchangeable and adapted to the guiding.

The 2 guiding skates and the driving unit of the automated screw base are synchronized by means of 2 CNC- machined sprockets which are mechanically synchronized by an axle coaxial to the main screw base.

Totally automated and modular system with extensible storing capacity. High performance of drying capacity thanks to fluidification panels instead of standard bottom panels. Fluidification panels use fluid gases from kilns and boilers to pre-dry the R.D.F if necessary.

Possibility to use 2 or more reclaimers in different areas of the silo to stockpile different kinds of fuels and to produce volumetric in-line pre-mixtures.

Very compact system. Possibility to achieve stockpiles volumes from 800m3 to 16.000m3 with the same components and with a functional concept of the whole system.

Dimensions of the system of the silo Standard width 22m, length 10-200m, height 11m
Dimensions of the plot for the complete system Width 30m, length 20-220m.
Minimum required foundation and free from pits
Highly modular designed. Various lay-outs of different positions of the reception pre-silo

All the structure and conveying elements are built with bolted modules and can be transported in 40’ containers to any part of the world. It is designed to be assembled in a short time.


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