Ultra low temperature waste dryer

Ultra low temperature waste dryerDrying equipment of ultra low temperature specially designed to dehydrate RDF, increasing and stabilizing its calorific value, thus enabling a substition rate R.D.F/carbon in high temperature environments of over 35%.

Long permanency of R.D.F inside the equipment caused by a long thermal-dynamic flow in a very limited physical space thanks to a modular vertical design with quadruple cascade from top to bottom using gravity and maximum reduction of surface causing efficiency loss.

Exterior isolation of the interchanging cylinders to avoid condensation and increasing the global efficiency of the system.

A system of by-passes for rapid refrigerating in case of uncontrolled increase of internal temperature of the R.D.F with a possibility to inject Nitrogene/Aire/CO2

In and outlet for R.D.F to be dried are in the same linear position by which this drying equipment can be easily installed in already existing equipment installations , Minimum downtime for existing installations approx. 100 h.

Ultra low temperature waste dryerTransition flow areas between the 1st and the 4th stage are equipped with manholes in order to have easy access to electronic level sensors and where R.D.F can be clogged.

All drive mechanisms are installed in the exterior part.

Aluminium housing of high coefficient thermical transmission for indirect injection of latent heat from fluid heat-carrier, easily dismountable.

Equipment totally dismountable and accessible to all its components for maintenance without necessity of dismounting bearings or drive units, which makes this equipment perfectly fit for low quality R.D.F with high variable characteristics.

Equipment totally waterproof and free of emissions of suspended solids.

Ultra low temperature waste dryerAll drive axles are equipped with pressure retainer and exterior bearings.

Axles free from intermediate supports calculated and simulated through FEM technology with an average lifetime of 50.000 operational hours.

Internal blades are interchangeable and specially designed through CFD technology in order to maximize the turbulence of the fluid heat-carrier by which the drying process will be optimized.

Diameter rotors 950 mm
Lead of helix 200 mm
Blade of helix 250 mm
Thickness of the blade 10 mm
Stage screw length 11.000 mm
Nº Stages 4 uts
Total length of stages 44.000 mm
Diameter screw axle 450 mm
Dimensions of R.D.F inlet Round D-1.000 mm
Dimensions of R.D.F outlet Round D-1.000 mm
Dimensions inlet of fluid heat-carrier 800×500 mm
Dimensions by-pass of fluid heat-carrier 800×250 mm
Dimensions outlet of fluid heat-carrier 800×500 mm
Diameter housing 1.000 mm
Thickness housing 5 mm
Isolation of interchanging chamber Synthetic fibre
Thickness of isolation of interchanging chamber 100 mm
Stage surface (screws + housings) 60 m2/stage
Total surface (screws + housings) 240 m2

Nominal speed of rotors 8 rpm
Minimum permanency time of R.D.F to be processed 30 min
Material quality rotors Stainless steel AISI-304
Material quality housing Aluminium of high conductivity
Material quality screw axles Stainless steel AISI-304
Material quality of structure Stainless steel AISI-304
Material quality of screws & bolts A2
Type of fluid heat-carrier Tertiary air 90ºC / P=0.04 bar
Material to be processed R.D.F
Density of R.D.F 80-500 Kg/m3
% Humidity of R.D.F at inlet 50-55%
% Humidity of R.D.F at outlet 2-4 %
Production 110-115 m3/h
Traction capacity 7.5 Kw x 4 stages = 30 Kw
Motor protection IP-55 ABB EF-3
Flow of fluid heat-carrier 35.000-40.000 m3/h
External dimensions 2.000×12.000 H 6.000mm
Weight 38.120 Kg


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